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welcome to meden studio.

An independent studio with a passion for crafting purpose-driven design through thoughtful collaboration + refined visual strategy. Also, we want to be friends.

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Intentionally pure design that helps you feel at home in your brand, your space, or wherever you may find yourself.

(basically, we think everything should feel like home)

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step 1: inspire

The first stage is where we make margs and do happy dances to get the party started! This is when you get to tell us all about your mission. We'll pull out old yearbooks, call your mom + ask her WHY she made you wear that one outfit (you know the one), and after you pour your heart out to us about your work, we’ll selectively choose a few guiding words to hold fast to as our standard...and then we'll put away the margs because it's getting v emotional up in here. If applicable, we’ll do brand research + analysis to determine our next steps in creating a visual strategy. Depending on the project, this could look like jumping right in with sketches, creating a moodboard, or working through website heirarchy. At the end of this process, we will have developed an effective game plan, tailored to your unique needs, AND made a forever bff along the way.

step 2: create

Step 2 is where we take our game plan + absolutely crush it. I mean, have we known each other for 5 minutes or 5 years? ..because it feels like the latter. While you're re-watching Gilmore Girls, I'll be creating several concepts for the final design. We’ll start with sketches + collaboratively decide on a direction to push for the end goal of the project, always holding it to the standards we set in phase one. You’ll stay updated on the development throughout the duration of the design phase, ensuring that you don’t have to guess where we are on our timeline. Once we near the end, we’ll work closely again to clarify + finalize your chosen concept through two stages of refinement.

step 3: equip

By this time, we're wearing matching bff mood rings and swapping skin-care routines. When all is said and done, we will equip you with everything you need to go forth successfully with the completed project. This is the exciting part of the journey where you are released to launch your product, showcase your brand, or have your design printed and shipped out for the world to see. Although your time with Meden Studio will be coming to a close, we are happy to help in any further way we can by recommending trusted printers, photographers, videographers, etc., should your project continue beyond our hands. And then we cry a little because it kinda feels like we're sending you off to college, but we assure you that you can do this, we're not going anywhere, and you can always come back home if you need anything, xoxo.

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ready to have some fun?

Let's make it happen.


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